Taping Schedule

Please come to as many shoots as possible to help out.  Bring your friends too, most sketches will need extras.   


February 21 - Completed Mr. Cool Completed
  Elimikid Completed
  Sam, Janelle, Mike, Jennie, Brian, Evan  
February 23 - Completed Kiss Me Completed
  Sarah, Mark, Jeff, Mike, Brendon  
March 15 - Completed Surprise Party Completed
  Jennie, Amanda, Extras  
Friday April 11 Sing Song Soap ???
  Trevor, Jeff, Anna  
Saturday April 12 Unconventional Guides ???
  Anna, Matt, Sarah, Spiro, Mark, Potter  
Sunday April 13 or Sunday April 6 Build them UP and knock them down ???
  Evan, Scott, Mike, Shallon, Sarah, Sabeen, Jennie  
Weekend of April 19 Trojan Man ???
  Ben, Brian, Anna, Trevor, Dave, Spiro, Sabeen, Shallon  
Early Winter Quarter Improv Taping in 212 / Opening and Closing Sketches ???