Sarah's Sketches

Props: T-shirt that says "Kiss me, I'm blind!", a braille watch (we
could make a ghetto thing that people would understand), cane, 2 Starbucks
coffee Cups.


Kiss Me
by Sarah Claspell

Shot of a blind guy waiting on a street.  The first shot is a close up of
his head and shoulders.  He is obviously waiting for someone.

The next shot is a full body shot of the blind guy.  The guy is wearing
a shirt that says "Kiss me, I'm blind!"  He checks his watch (not a
regular watch, it is a braille watch.  I could make it, it will be great!),
muttering the time to himself and perhaps tapping his foot impatiently.

A passerby approaches, and catching sight of the shirt, shrugs his/her
shoulders and gives the blind guy a great big kiss (nothing sloppy or
toungy, just a quick, big kiss).  The passerby then continues on down
the street, non-chalantly.  The shot stays with the blind guy, who is quite
taken aback and alarmed.  He looks around him and trys to grab at the
passerby, who has already left out of reach.

A second passerby approaches and does the same thing, to which the
blind guy kind of jumps and says "Hey hey heyheyhey!"  The second passerby then
leaves the shot.

Cut to two people across the street.  They are drinking Starbucks
coffee, watching the blind guy and trying to mask their giggling so he won't
hear them.

Cut to the blind guy.  He gives up waiting and starts to tap his way
back home.

Cut back to the two people across the street.  They are laughing a
little bit louder now that the blind guy can't hear them so much.  Dialogue as

Do you think he heard us?

No, no.  Dude, that was the best birthday gift we ever thought of!

Seriously.  Come on!  Let's follow him to the Y!