Anna's Sketches

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Anna Boyarsky


Unconventional Guides


                This sketch opens with three blind people going into a visually impaired center to receive guide dogs, but because of a shortage of guide dogs the center gives out unconventional guides.  The center gives one blind person a red balloon, another person a duck on a leash, and the last person a little boyscout.  They all walk away happy.

                The next scene is the three blind people and their perspective “guides” getting along really well.  For example swimming with the duck, playing chess in a park with the balloon, and climbing a tree with the boyscout.  The music in the background is “You and me…happy together”.  This scene should be short.

                The last scene is each of the blind people giving their guide object/person freedom because they love them so much.  The blind people each really miss their guide but want what is best for them.  It is a tearful departure.  The objects don’t know what to do with themselves, they are lost without an owner. 

                It closes with each of the objects finding each other and the boy scout is skipping in a field holding the balloon, with the duck by his side.  Again everything is happy.