Scott & Evan's sketches

Galileo's Muse:

The whole skit is centered around the fact that galileo never invented anything and was nothing but an old sad man until this really hot chick moved into the building next to his.  He really wanted to get a good look at her while she changed but he could never get the right view.  So he started messing around with optics and eventually invented things like the telescope (though his first version had a porn magazine rack on it).  He also calls over his friend Da Vinci to help him figure out how to get a look of her pool on the roof...leading da vinci to invent the helicopter.  After he dies his son attempts to cover up the underlying peversness under all of the inventions (he breaks off the porno mag rack and renames the book "The Study of CELESTIAL Bodies").  He points out to the leaders of the city and that those drawings are star charts and constellations like "Yes that one is Gemini they are twins...who are licking each other"  and "Oh that's Scorpio its two scorpions...who are licking each other!"  and finally "Oh that one is Orion the Hunter...and that...well that is his uh belt!"