Nathan's sketches

All Good Things Must Come To an End


Scene opens to a strewn out group of college kids scattered on the floor.  Looks as if a freight train has come through.  Scene remains quite still until some moaning wakes up one guy and he lifts up his head squinty eyed.  In walks Frank completely sober, contrasting the rest of the scene.  Only awake guy sees him and wakes up his other friend, “That stuff you gave me last night, am I supposed to still see things in the morning?”  Friend wakes up and Frank begins to eagerly get everyone up, then starts to get serious.  “My dear, dear friends.  I have something to announce to you all.  Everyone is not happy to get up and is very skeptical of his company.  The comment of “What the hell are you doing back?” comes up a lot.  Frank really gets serious now, breaks down and says, “Alright, I know that I have said this before in the past, but this time it is serious.”  Everybody tries to stumble and leave, but he goes up to each one and brings up some EXTREMELY embarrassing experience they share and convinces them to stay. “Oh yeah, and I want you guys to throw me a going away party.”  One of the friends responds, “There is no way that,”


Cut to party.  Basically he convinces everyone to either drink excessively, make out with him, or just make asses out of themselves and when each show their reservations about the proposition, he quickly responds, “Come on.  Do this for me.  This is my last night in town.”  Throughout the partying though, when Frank is to take a drink, he backs out, throw away the liquid, or changes the subject.  By the end of his manipulation of the party he is completely sober, sneaks out as everyone is completely wasted and about to pass out.  They notice and start to look for him.  Everyone slowly passes out until they are all in the same exact positions as when we opened the scene.  Frank enters, “My dear, dear friends…”


Fades out and cuts to a simple shot of a store front, (some rinky dink furniture store).  Caption below: Frank went on to be a very successful businessman.


Close up on Frank’s hand unlocking the store front door.  Cut to close up of standard “Closed” sign.  Franks hand nonchalantly flips the sign over to the “Open” side.  Then the camera pans down to see a sign of the same dimensions and type but with writing that says, “Grand Re-Opening Sale.”  With the same motion, Frank’s hand nonchalantly flips the sign around to reveal, “Going out of Business Sale.”