Ben's Sketches

Ben Piper


Trojan Man’s Of Day


            This sketch is a spoof of the recent Trojan Man commercials. In these commercials the Trojan Man rides up on his horse to a couple right before they engage in sex and offers them a Trojan Man condom along with an explanation on the merits of using them. In this sketch the Trojan Man is having an off day and keeps riding up to couples that are clearly not going to be having sex anytime soon.

            There are many funny situations in which the appearance of the Trojan Man would be totally innapropriate. Here are a few.

-A couple meeting for the first time on a blind date, just sitting down for a nice picnic. Trojan Man appears, girl asks guy where he thinks this date was going, girl slaps guy, date is ruined.

-Two men fishing off of a pier, Trojan Man rides up, guy asks his buddy “why exactly did you invite me on this fishing trip all the way up here alone?” Both guys become exasperated denying their homosexuality.

-Two little children playing on a playground, both decide to see what it feels like to kiss for the first time. Trojan Man shows up offering condoms, mother of one of the children steps in and beats Trojan Man with her purse.

There are endless situations that could employ this gimmick (couples fighting, trying to get pregnant), because unlike the commercials imply, in most situations the Trojan Man would be an unwelcome guest. In the final scene the Trojan Man breaks down and confesses that he is having an off day, and that he just can’t concentrate on his job because his girlfriend told him that morning that she might be pregnant.