Jennie's Sketches
Surprise Party
ok, here's one I call surprise party. The idea is that after a surprise 
party, the surprisee keeps getting surprised randomly at  embarassing 
points in his day, and so decides to surprise the surprisers.
*The whole sketch is done without dialogue, only communication 
through physicality and facial expression. There should be a happy go 
lucky whistly sort of tune in the background.
*Guy/ girl walks into the house,  cuts to group of people yelling 
Cuts to guy/girl's reaction  which is first surprise, then hapiness .
* Cuts to: same guy/girl in bed in the morning sleeping. Cuts to group 
of people waking him/her up by yelling surprise. cuts back to his/her 
reaction which is now slight annoyance and confusion.
*Cuts to bathroom where guy/girl is sitting on toilet. Cuts to group in 
bathtub pulling back the shower curtain to yell surprise. Cuts to 
guy/girl's reaction now total embarassment and annoyance.
* Cuts to group of people hanging out in living room. Cut to guy/girl 
outside window looking in getting an idea and looking determined to 
follow through. Cut to guy/girl jumping from behind the couch yelling 
surprise. Cut to group screaming. Cut to guy/girl looking worried 
he/she did something wrong. Cut back to group laughing it off and letting 
him/her join them.
*Ends with everyone yelling surprise at the camera