Anna's Sketches

Anna Boyarsky


Superhero Conversation


                This is a short sketch that is set around a lunchtime table at work.  Three young workers either in college or high school are sitting around for a lunch break.  They get into a bull shitting conversation about superheroes and start talking about what their superhero power would be.

                The first worker makes up some crazy power he would like to have and then they all laugh and nod at how cool that would be.  Another worker (the main character) chimes in all excited and starts going off on how cool it would be to be a superhero who could climb walls and shoot webs out of his wrists…in fact he could be like a huge spider.  The others look at him blankly and tell him that that has already been done it’s called “Spiderman”.

                They gain composure and another worker comes ups with some crazy power he would like to have.  Next the main character comes in again and excitedly starts to describe another well known superhero like “Superman” or “Catwoman” etc.  The cycle continues itself until finally the others are just fed up with the main character and leave.  At this point the main character could become a superhero and fly off.  If anyone has a better ending feel free to change it.