Spiro's Sketches

I have a few ideas that would be short and act as pseudo commercial type things (like the stuff with Will Ferrel  and the copy machine, or the one where they’re drinking the gatorade from the lake type thing)


One was one of those CD selling ones that featured Cash Money Millionares singing country and/or religious songs. 


My other was an idea for a sitcom/reality show.  Ideally…if something like this were to be on it would have to appear three times and each time a bit separated from the last.  The premise would be a regular family sitcom show…with a twist…what the cast doesn’t know is that a guest star will appear each show…here’s a sample:


Sitcom intro (cheesy song type thing with something like a brother and a sister fighting and then when realize camera is on them they smile and pretend they’re hugging…and someone eating a pie and realize camera is on them and they look surprised then laugh it off and smile..etc. etc.)

Cut to living room where mom type is sitting watching TV…and daughter comes in door as in from school.

Girl:  Hi Mom.

Mom:  Hi girl!  How was school today?

Girl:  Oh…okay.  Billy called me a potato in front of Chad! Now Chad thinks I’m a potato!

Audience laughter

Mom:  Maybe Billy just jealous cause you got eyes for Chad.  Ha…eyes, potato, dang I’m funny!

Audience laughter

Cut to producers (you can hear faint talking of mom and girl in background and voice of father coming home)

Producers:  Lets see what happens when this show…and a lion collide..

Producers release lion from cage (or something like it…some kind of beast we have a costume of).

Cut to beast coming on the set and trying to attack the family…as there is frantic running and ‘Oh Lord Jesus’s!’ screamed the beast crashes into the camera and it turns into that rianbow color check mode. 


Just a sample.  The second one would probably feature a cyborg/alien type character who doesn’t understand why the dishes need to be rinsed before they go in the dish washer…and the third one would probably feature a historical figure like Thomas Jefferson or Robert E. Lee who would help sewing dresses for the prom with Chad or perhaps go to the prom with the girl because she can’t find a date. 


Final idea:  Those guys who do movie voiceovers and TV voiceover guys hanging out at some party or perhaps going on a roadtrip together…something like that.



A guy is sitting on a sofa in a party like house and a door is rang…some other people are present in the house …chit chatting and the like…the man sitting on the sofa opens door.  Movie guy enters.

Movie guy:  From 1923 Bermuda Street, in Franco De Buna, New Jersey…a talented and mysterious man emerges through dark night and cold rains.  Starring his face, his nerve and his friendship…he will come together with forces so great, so powerful, you won’t be able to look away…if you see one person this summer…see….me.

TV guy:  You just saw a new movie guy!  Stay tuned…for Nachos!  And then a chilling new episode of us hanging out.