Mike's Sketches

Short Shakespeare

Narrator: You’ve probably heard of Shakespeare


Actor: (acting it out) To be or not to be, that is the question, whether ‘tis noble in the mind....


Narrator : And you’ve probably heard of condensed Shakespeare


Actor:  (less acting) Be or don’t be


Narrator:  But what if you don’t have hardly any time at all?  Well now there’s new “Shakespeare in 3/4 of a Second”.  Listen


Actor:  (standing still)  aaaaaaaaaaa  (one single monotonic noise)


Narrator:  Why waste all that precious time when you can see all of Shakespeare’s plays in the amount of time that most reflects your interest.


Actor:  (again) aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Narrator:  Act now and you’ll also receive “The Entire History of WWII in 3/4 of a Second”


Actor:  (dressed like soldier) aaaaaaaaaaaa


Narrator:  Look for these and other fine products in bookstores next to the Cliff Notes of Cliff Notes