Mike's Sketches



Opening Shot:  Camera follows a student walking toward the ground level of the Parking Structure obviously getting ready to leave.  As he is about to turn to go up the stairs, there is a car waiting as close as it can get to the stairs.  In the background lots of cars are driving around to show that it is competitive to get a parking spot.  Before the student even reaches the stairs the front and rear windows roll down to reveal 3 male college kids dressed in Abercrombie and Gap.


Driver:  Hey man are you leaving?

Student: Yeah.

Driver:  Where are you parked?

Student: Uh, way up on the top.

Driver:  Do you think we could get your spot?

Student:  Uhm, sure.

Rear Passenger:  Do you want a ride to your car?

Student:  (thinks) Alright


Rear Passenger slides over to the other side and moves some books and stuff to the ground. Student opens the door and gets in, the car starts moving.


Driver:  Thanks man, its impossible to get spots right before class.

Student: Yeah, I have an early class so its not that bad, but at this time its packed.


An awkward silence starts and lasts for a few seconds until the right front passenger turns the volume up on a tape that’s playing.


“…and the leader did say, that you must live your life to the fullest.  Taking advantage of each day to rob, rape and pillage.  No lives must be spared, only the innocent are truly guilty and must be punished in the most gruesome of manners.  Only when true anarchy and pain inhabit the world will your experience everlasting joy.  It is your duty to accomplish these tasks all day everyday…”

Student at first nods along in agreement until he realizes what they are saying.  He looks around him, and the others are staring normally straight ahead as if nothing is abnormal.  There is terrible sense of panic in his face, but he is trying to hide it.


Rear Passenger: (turns his head looking possessed)  Have accepted Satan in your heart yet?


One second of silence while the student tries to figure out what to say, then the tape says:

“…and now we sing our hymn of praise:


All the Passengers Together:  Die die die, kill kill kill, die die die, kill kill kill….etc



Upon hearing this the student doesn’t hesitate at all to open the door and jump out while the car is moving and making a turn.


Driver: There goes another spot, whats with those wierdos?

End Scene