Mike's Sketches


Quick Pesos

Scene: Opening shot is a large white van with no rear windows pulling into an empty parking lot.† There is a title that lets us know we are somewhere in Mexico.† The van comes to a stop, then pauses and moves 15 feet forward, then pauses and moves again.† This continues five or six times.


Driver:† (to passenger) Okay just play it cool and everything will work out


Passenger: Alright cool and calm


The van pulls forward one more time


Driver: (speaking toward the open window)† Howís it going sir?...pause...Weíre just coming back from spring break...pause...Bay Area, Palo Alto to be specific


Passenger:† San Diego


Driver:† Hereís our paper work...pause...No its my momís car, she let me borrow it for the trip...pause...Nothing really, just our clothes and some our sleeping bags, its actually pretty empty back there


Passenger:† No, no drugs or weapons.


Driver:† Actually were kind of a in a hurry, I promised my mom Iíd be back an hour ago...pause... I know thatís not your fault, but if you could just let us skip the inspection so we could get back....pause...Listen man thereís nothing back there....pause....Sure go check with you supervisor, see if I care


Passenger: (to driver)† Dude, he knows


Driver:† I know, were so fucked


Passenger:† Lets just go through


Driver: I dunno, we could get chased


Passenger:† They wonít chase us, I see this all the time on Cops, just go around the gate


Driver: Alright


The van starts moving again, the driver pushes a tape into the stereo.


Cassette: Hey get back here! (yelling)† SIRONS


Driver:†† There after us man!


Passenger: Step on it!


The van accelerates fast and then makes a series of turns all around the empty parking lot.


Driver: Hereís our one chance to get rid of them, Iíll pull over


Passenger: Do it


The van comes to a quick stop and the guys get out of the front.† As they run to the back they fire a cap gun and smear blood on their shirts.


Driver: Iíve been shot.


Passenger:† Lets just let them get to freedom.


They open the back of the van and family of Mexican immigrants go running out.


Driver:† Andole! Andole! Va!


The immigrants scatter away as fast as possible.† The two guys pull out a wad of cash and start counting it.


Driver: (to passenger)† That was a good one


Passenger:† Yeah, Iíd do this for free