Mike's Sketches

Procrastinating Pistol Dueler

Opening:  Screen is black with white writing that reads the title “The Short Lived Procrastinating Pistol Dueler”.  The screen fades to complete black then lifts up with classic dueling music from old Westerns to a shot of two men back to back dressed up in old West clothes (dirty and faded).  A man in a black suit is the “counter” and is standing behind them.  Emotional camera shots of the men’s faces sets up the scene. 


The Counter: “One” (they take one step).... “Two” (they step again).... continues up to ten.... “Turn” (both turn)


Both men are sitting ready with their hands waiting anxiously over their guns, fingers are wiggling.  Tension is mounting.


The Counter: “Draw!”


We see one man in full screen quickly pull out his gun and shot several times.  The camera then cuts to the other man who says


Procrastinator:  “I’ll do it tomorrow (complaining temper)” .  He then gets hit several times and falls the ground and the scene fades out.




Note: It would be possible to develop more on this idea by making a series of other professions where procrastination would be very dangerous.