Shallon's Sketches

Politically Un-Correct Dismissed


Cast: 2 men, 1 male voiceover, 1 goat (or other similar barnyard animal)

Props: middle eastern type clothing, fork and knife, meat to simulate goat meat



This is a parody of MTVís Dismissed, but it takes place in Afghanistan/Arabia, or the like and is done totally in farsi, no English.† The actors donít need to know actual farsi but have a general idea of what it sounds like or how to imitate it, poorly.† The only English words are Ďdismissedí and Ďmtví, which can be used frequently.† The men look uncomfortable and use big, awkward hand gestures.† The dates are simply wandering around a pasture, or going to a mosque.† Hereís the kicker: they arenít competing for a woman, but for a goat.† At the end, the goat should just kind of nod towards one of them, declaring him the winner.† The final scene is the winner smiling and petting the goat, then cut to him eating meat and giving a thumbs up.†