Shallon's Sketches

Phonetic Alphabet for Numbers


Cast: 5-6

Props: Chalkboard, military outfits


The military has a phonetic alphabet, like A is alpha, b is bravo, c is Charlie, etc, so now they’ve decided to have one for numbers, too. A general is trying to explain this to his troops (or it could be a white house press conference) and it is needlessly complicated and confusing.  He will go through numbers 1-10, making them more and more complex.  1 will be as in 1.376, 5 as in 51297, 8 as in 83269.091 and at one point he’ll mess up “no no! sorry that’s 8 as in 83269.098,   .098 people!  My mistake!” At the end he’ll say, “if anyone has any questions they can reach me at 555-8345, that’s 555, 8 as in 83269.098, 3 as in 3.000006…” and so on