Jennie's Sketches
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     This is a spoof on those reality dating shows where 2 kids have to 
compete for their parents love, and one is eliminated. The parents 
decide who to eliminate by spending time alone with each child. This is 
dubbed as "quality time". during which, the kid has to be extra cute 
and funny so as to win the parents affections. 
        This sketch could be a commercial for the show so as not to be too 
long. It might start with the logo for the show and the announcer 
saying the premise. Then each kid and each parent would have part of their 
confessional booth shown, along with the reenactment of their "quality 
time". Then it could end with showing the elimination of a kid.
Some ideas for the confessional booth, and the reenactments are:
*The parents talking about the kid not being cute enough; being too 
boring; whining too much; crying for any reason; peeing in pants; kid 
dropping ice cream cone; being loud and obnoxious and saying 
something embarassing; fighting with the other sibling. Any of  which 
leads to the parents not wanting to love the child.
*The children talking about the pressures of saying something cute and 
charming to make other parents say "awwww"; having to repress peeing 
in their pants when their parents wouldnt let them go; vying with the 
other child for the parents affections; fighting back he urge to fight with 
their sibling. All the pressures of trying to be a favorite child.
*It could end with the parents hugging and crying with the child that 
won, while the other one is hitchhiking down the road with a suitcase.
*slow motion and cheesy music would probably do well with this sketch