Anna's Sketches

Anna Boyarsky



Dictators on Ice (or possibly X-Games)


                The scetch is pretty much as reads.  It starts out with a male and female commentator dressed in scarves, hats, gloves etc.  They talk about how they are excited for the newest Ice Capades because unlike Aladdin on Ice, or Beauty and the Beast on Ice, this Ice Capade is both historically accurate and entertaining.  Thus they introduce Dictators on Ice.

                The first skater takes the ice, a very well known dictator from Russia Joseph Stalin.  He is doing a solo number to (and this is subject to change if anyone can think of a better song that incorporates Russia) Billy Joel’s Leningrad.  He can be filmed from the waist up with maybe a few tight in feet shots to show skill, that way the person won’t really even have to be skating.  After a few dramatic flourishes which the commentators can add their own narrative as to what he is portraying he is done.

                The second skater takes the ice, perhaps the most famous dictator is world history, from Germany Adolf Hitler.  He is also doing a solo number to (again subject to change) 99 Lufballoons.   Again the commentators do most of the work interpreting what his performance means.

                The final skater is the newest in the dictator in the competition and she comes directly from America, Martha Stewart herself.  She is doing a solo number to I Want Money.  After she is done all three enter the ice and take a bow.

                Commentators can either just wrap it up or award first, second and third place.