Nathan's sketches

Dead Ringer


Documentary Narrator: The life of a movie star.  Sounds exciting but simply a drab.   Once you get past all of the drugs, sex, and money, there’s really not that much too it.  Now for something you all are interested in: how the life of an ordinary person can live an extraordinary life for the sole reason that he resembles a celebrity.  A lot of people here at the biography channel must think we are running out of people to study the lives of and yes that is true, but what is even truer is that Dave Gridley was voted by his high school most looking alike of Bob Saget.  Dave thought nothing of it at first until…


Dave: I started getting lots of attention. Then I started to get free meals and stuff all because of who they thought I was.  See this; this is a hot dog whistle.  They just don’t give these to everyone.


Documentary Narrator:  We decided to follow Dave and experience the benefits of having “the look” as we say in the industry.


Basically Dave just goes down town and walks by people and nothing happens.  Sometimes he will pass by and cough, “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (which is hard to cough) and still nothing happens.  He will cut people off so they can see him, and they only get pissed.  After many times he even confronts a group and says, “Hey do I REMIND you of anyone?”  and points his head in awkward directions.  They laugh and leave.  By this time, Dave is sad.


Dave: I just don’t get it. (Bows his head down in sorrow)


Guy: Hey, I recognize you.


Dave looks up with a smile turns around


Guy: You slept with my sister!


Dave: Oh sh—!


Dave and the camera man start running like crazy.


Documentary Narrator(jerky voice while running):  And this has been an exhilarating day in the life of Bob Saget, oops, I mean Dave Gridley.