Ben's Sketches

Ben Piper


Cosmic Explorers of the Fourth Dimension


A group of nerdy aspiring film makers have gotten together to begin filming a low budget science fiction movie titled Cosmic Explorers of the Fourth Dimension. They are all excited because they have gotten B-rated movie star Trent Fortunado to agree to do a cameo appearance in their movie as the head alien ruler. They are all very nervous because they want to impress him. They all consider him a serious talented actor. Trent arrives and they start to shoot the first scene. The only problem is that Trent, as the alien doesn’t speak English, he speaks alien. Well the script writer didn’t actually write nonsense alien dialogue in the script, he was hoping that Trent could just ad lib some gibberish. Trent says that that would be fine, after all he is a trained actor, but every time they start filming the scene his ad libbed gibberish contains vulgarity or inappropriateness. For example he says “Darnoc tee chumba tampon negro.” The director yells cut, but unwilling to critique Trent Fortunado, he makes an excuse for why the scene needs to be shot again. They keep reshooting the scene as Trent’s “alien” dialogue gets more and more foul. Finally the director confronts Trent about it. Trent throws a tantrum and tries to cuss out the director, which comes out as gibberish, and that’s the scene they go with for the movie.