Shallon's Sketches

Candy Boards Get Updated

Note: a candy board is a big poster board that girls make for each other using candy as words like, “hey Christy hope we meet lots of big hunk’s tonight and no Nerds


Cast: 2-3 girls, bouncy sorority types

Props: Posterboard, different types of candy bars mentioned below (2 of each for before and afters)



Perky girl comes on as a rep for a candy company whos product is mostly used for birthday and sorority candy boards, she holds up and example and throws it out.  Says that the company has finally decided to make candy solely for the purpose of the boards with names like “Screw-alotta-guys” and “I’m so jealous of you”.  Existing candy will be updated in hopes to boost sales: For example, “Nerds” become “Retards”, “Chunky” becomes “Fat Ass” and “Airheads” to “Dumb Slut”. 


This can also be done as a board meeting scene where ceo’s are trying to boost sales of outdated candy.