Spiro's sketches



Office-like setting.  The boss is in the chair behind his desk…he’s working on some papers but he doesn’t look very happy.  Enters Chet…a worker.  Note:  Acting is very soap opera style.  Everything said is said very dramatically. 


Chet:  You wanted to see me about something--sir?

Boss:  You’re dang right I did.  Take a seat.

Camera doesn’t record him walking to seat and sitting.  It resumes with (simultaneously) a dramatic piano sound, and the camera on boss’s dramatic wide-eyed expression.  Then another dramatic piano sound and the camera on chet’s dramatic wide-eyed expression.

Chet: I’m seated…now talk.

Cut to boss (I don’t know if that’s the right technical term…but I mean so the camera doesn’t actually record while going from chet to boss)

Boss:  I’ve recently noticed your production levels decreasing.

Cut to chet

Chet:  Oh?

Cut to boss

Boss:  I haven’t liked you since the beginning…Chet…and I’m thinking…its time I let you…go.

Dramatic piano sound and cut to chet’s dramatic wide-eyed expression

Dramatic paino sound and cut to Boss’s dramatic wide-eyed expression

Dramatic piano sound and cut to serene river

Cut to Chet

Chet:  You’re…firing me?

Cut to boss

Boss:  I’m giving you one more cha—

Door opens to reveal maid (dressed in typical black and white maid attire carrying a silver platter with a mere yellow post it upon it).  Intense silence follows as she walks over to the boss’s table and puts the platter down in front of him.

Maid:  A memo…sir.

As maid starts leaving she catches eye contact with Chet.

Dramatic piano sound and cut to maid’s dwee (dramatic wide-eyed expression)

Dps (dramatic piano sound) and cut to chet’s dwee

Dps and cut to boss as he looks up from memo with dwee

Dps and cut to this picture (or actual bag of charcoal):    

Cut back to boss staring at chet and maid leaving.  Cut to boss getting up with a dwee.  Cut to chet getting up with a dwee.

Cut to boss

Boss:  You had an affair with my wife?!

Dps and cut to chet’s dwee

Dps and cut to boss’s dwee

Dps and cut to this picture: 

Cut to Chet

Chet:  How did you know?!?!

Cut to Boss

Boss:  Get out of my sight.  You’re fired.

Cut to chet and boss keeping eye contact…as chet makes his way to the other side of the chair…then turns to door…walks to and opens door…then before he leaves he takes a final look back at boss.

Dps and cut to chet’s dwee

Dps and cut to boss’s dwee

Dps and cut to this picture: 

Cut back to chet closing door…then panning back to boss and back of office.  Still standing with angry expression.  Then from the corner of the room a coat hanger with some kind of picture somehow attached to the top part of it (like any one of our pictures or a picture like this)  This would represent the coat hanger’s “face”. 

Coathanger Kyle:  You did the right thing sir.

Boss:  Thanks Kyle.

Boss gives coat hanger a slow motion high five as happy horn driven music plays.